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Our exerience in space projects 

The following piture galery gives an overview of Reusser/ETEL/Bleuler-Baumer Mechanik Space- Pump Projects from 1982 - 2000.
ETEL X-38 water pump qualification modelThe 2005 reactivated NACPA project from 1997ACPA 1994, our very first ammonia pumpCPA the first pump from the team Reusser/ETEL/Bleuler-Baumer Mechanik in 1992DOM, Reusser pump package, German orbiting laboratory for microgravity 1988PCF, Reusser pump package for ERNO 1987Reusser water pump package for the D1 and D2 Mission 1985D1 mission memento for Peter Reusser 1985MSL, Reusser water pump package for the Material Science Laboratory on the first Space lab mission